Super Pol 🛎️

Caring concierge service for fast dive-in

Сustom onboarding and ongoing
support for product teams


How we help you to start in 3...2...1..

From setting up your account and adding templates to integrating with other tools and custom views setup, get the most out of Fibery.

Full account setup

Processes setup, data import, custom views and more.

Team training

Team demo with Q&A and onboarding.

Ongoing check-ins

Have as many Intercom chats with us, as you like.

I’m ready to start 🐣

Super Pol
Polina, a.k.a Super Polina

In this journey with you

Meet 🦸🏼‍♀️ Super Polina, our Customer Support gal, who will coach your team and get you up to speed fast with step-by-step and hands-on training.

Say hi now using Intercom intercom logo, if you want to.

Maks Kurpa, Co-founder, EduDo

Looks like will take time to configure. Could you set it up for us?

Super Pol
Polina, a.k.a Super Polina

Sure, you’ll need some endurance — but it’ll be worth every drop of sweat and tears.

Maks Kurpa, Co-founder, EduDo

We have a lot of data to import — do you have any limits?

Super Pol
Polina, a.k.a Super Polina

Nope, we'll migrate your data together during one of our calls.

Maks Kurpa, Co-founder, EduDo

What about team onboarding?

Super Pol
Polina, a.k.a Super Polina

During personalized onboarding, we’ll train your team on how to get Fibery up and running.

From kickoff to rollout in 4 calls

We’ll discuss your pains and come to a solution in four short video calls (stop word on any stage — Fibery sucks). And that’s how:

Kickoff call

Share the struggles and see whether Fibery can be a fit for your product team.

2nd call

Understand the basics. Set up a couple of your specific processes with your hands.

3rd call

Prepare the workspace for real work. Import some real data, adapt Views and manage permissions.

4th call

Show 💎 to the teammates.
Team demo + onboarding.

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Have we mentioned it’s all totally free?