Map view
Put customer locations, events, offices, or your favorite lunch places on the map.

Why it's important?

Visualize your Fibery data with beautiful interactive maps in minutes. Sort, filter, and customize them to always see relevant info and (hopefully 🤞🏼) get new insights from your data.

Here are some use cases:

  • See Accounts on a world map and quickly check in what country you have more customers and leads.
  • See Customers you need to visit today in some city and think about the best routes.
  • Plot properties for sale or rent on a map, making it easy to identify and compare listings in specific neighborhoods or regions.
  • Or just gather your favorite museums 👇🏼

You can see several databases in a single map, set map style, visible fields, filter and color code markers. You can also quickly see entities by clicking a marker:

🤓 Check Map View user guide to learn more and set up your first map.

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