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Identify recurring pain points and drive product development

Customer Discovery is a must if you want to build a product that solves the pain points and challenges of your potential customers. This template will help you find those recurring pain points and turn them into valuable insights that will drive product development.

Aggregate feedback from different sources inside Fibery

Track your chats, calls, email, and meetings and store them all in Fibery. Add feedback manually (conversation notes, meeting notes) or automatically sync it in Fibery using our native integrations, no-code tools (Zapier, Integromat), or the API.

🧩 Integrate Fibery with Intercom, Discourse, Zendesk, and other tools to sync conversations and feedback into Fibery and then link it to features, bugs, or insights.

Store meeting notes

Document your live meetings, user research sessions, and usability tests right inside the Conversation entity. Fibery has a full-blown text editor, live collaboration, and autosaving, so it's easy to store notes and documents in the same place where you plan and track your work.

🔎 Easily find information using full-text search.

Highlight parts of the text and turn them into new Ideas, Bugs, and Features (or link them to existing ones).

Imagine you link dozen of feedback items to an Idea. In this case, the idea is much easier to understand and design with customers in mind.

🔥 Have immediate access to all the related feedback right from Feature or Idea thanks to bi-directional links.

🏋️‍♀️ Calculate the total number of references to understand the hottest product areas using custom formulas.

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