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Sync Repositories, Issues, Branches, and Pull Requests into Fibery

GitLab integration allows to import Repositories, Issues, Branches, and Pull Requests into Fibery. The most interesting case is to link PRs to real work items, like Features, User Stories, or Tasks. Thus you will see Pull Requests statuses right inside Fibery.

Sync GitHub data

Use our one-way native integration with GitHub to automatically sync Repositories, Issues, Branches, and Pull Requests into Fibery.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up a Github integration.

As a result of your sync, you'll have a separate GitHub space in your right menu. Once the data is there, you can visualize it as you want (for example, create a view showing only Open Pull Requests), and connect it to real work (for example, link Pull Requests to Features). πŸ‘‡

Connect Pull Requests to tasks to streamline your development workflow

Automatically link Pull Requests to Features, User Stories, Bugs, Tasks, or any other entities. The links will be bi-directional (when you link an entity, a back-reference appears on its page to make knowledge discoverable). Thus, inside a Feature, you will see a list of Pull Requests and their statuses, and once you open a Pull Request, you will see a Feature it belongs to.

Get the GitHub integration

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