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Integrate Fibery with HubSpot to automatically sync Companies, Contacts, Deals, Products, Tickets, and Engagements (Notes, Meetings, Emails, Calls, Tasks) into Fibery. Easily connect synced Companies and Contacts to tasks, user research sessions, calls, meeting notes, feature requests, and whatever you want.

Integration features

  • Automatically sync data to Fibery

Set up a one-way historical syncing of Companies, Contacts, Deals, Products, Tickets, and Engagements from HubSpot to Fibery. The existing data will sync right away, and updates will sync as they happen. 🙌

  • Connect Companies and Contacts to real work

Keep your contacts in the same place where you work. Connect Leads, Customers, Companies to feedback, features, meeting notes, usability sessions, or any other Fibery entities. Drive product development and always know who requested what feature and whom to notify about its implementation. 💖 Dig deeper into the original feedback right from the feature or idea and know who to contact for more details.

  • Track all the relevant info about a customer on a single screen

See all the info about a company or client in a single place, including contacts of decision-makers, description, first deal creation date, and more. Jump to linked notes, deals, calls, and tasks right from the company's entity.

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