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Sync Intercom Conversations, Companies, and Contacts to Fibery

Intercom is a tool for customer communication, including conversational support, self-service support (like help center), product notifications, newsletters, and product tours.

With Intercom→Fibery integration you can sync Intercom chats, as well as Contacts and Companies linked to chats, into Fibery.

Why bring this info into Fibery? Aggregated customer feedback and customer support requests can help you to define the hottest product areas, most annoying bugs, and demand for new features.

📌 If you want to sync feedback from other tools too, check out a list of our native integrations.

Sync data from Intercom to Fibery

Use our native one-way integration to bring Intercom Conversations, Companies, and Contacts to Fibery. Automatically grab conversations as they happen, or decide how often the data is synced.

🤠 Here is a quick guide on how to integrate Fibery with Intercom.

Once chats are synced, you can link parts of customer feedback to existing Ideas, Features, or Bugs. Just open any Conversation, select the text, and link it to an existing Idea, Feature, Bug, or any other entity. If the Idea, Feature, or Bug is new, you can create them right from the text as well.

Spot recurring needs and top requests

Over time you'll see what Features get the most references and mentions, so you can prioritize their development.

Once you start to develop a Feature, you can also see all the feedback linked to it, so that you can dig deeper into requests, understand the context better and design with customers in mind.

Close the loop, once a long-awaited feature goes live

Each Feature now contains linked feedback together with people who requested it. Once you release a Feature you can notify those customers who requested it and even make each message personal. 💛

Install the Intercom integration

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