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Coordinate Product and Feature launches between several teams

Product and Feature launches demand coordination of several teams: development, support, marketing, etc. Sometimes it is easy, but sometimes it's a complex process with many review steps.

Product LaunchCal helps teams to coordinate and don't miss important steps.

Create new Launches and generate Launch Steps with a single button click

The template consists of Launches and Launch Steps. You can add your upcoming Launches and use an action button to automatically generate Launch Steps that your teams need to complete before the Launch.

👨‍🔧 Hint: You can customize the Automation and remove or add your own Steps anytime.

Write Internal Press Release to think deeper about value

"Working backwards" is a cool practice to understand the real value of the product/release. Here Ian McAlister shared how they organised the "Working backwards" process at Amazon.

In short, Product Managers use this approach when developing new products or features. For each product or feature, they create an internal press release that is centered around the customer problem, how current solutions fail to solve it, and how the new product will beat all existing solutions and make customers happy. It's then used as a touchstone and a guiding light when a product or feature moves into development.

🤩 Fibery template has an example of the collaborative doc with Internal Press Release that you can try out for the upcoming release.

💪 Hint: if you like this approach, you can automatically add an Internal Press Release to each Launch by simply clicking an Action Button.

Plan Launch Steps and Review them

View and plan your Launch Steps: assign people, set dates, etc.

Each department in your company has its board in the Review folder. Expand it and find the boards like: Design Review, Code Review, Support Docs, Marketing. Here you will see all Launch Steps from all Launches that are relevant to specific teams.

You can also get a high-level view — the best way to overview all Launches is through Launches Timeline. Here you will see all Launch Steps for all Launches.

🐝 Hint: Use a Smart Folder with Active Lunches to quickly get to the work around the next releases.

Install the Product LaunchCan template

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