Product Marketing

Invent, plan, and track product marketing campaigns

Invent and plan marketing campaigns. Decompose campaigns into tasks and organize them in a way, that makes sense for your team.

Invent marketing campaigns and follow their progress

Add your next marketing campaigns and track their progress using board, calendar, or other views.

Want to plan campaigns for multiple products on the same screen? Use campaigns timeline view to plan and time several marketing campaigns happening at once.

✨ Hint: visualize your marketing data as you want using interactive and custom Fibery views.

Decompose active campaigns into tasks

Create tasks for each upcoming campaign. Describe each task, distribute the work between the team and add due dates.

🥧 Hint: automate routine marketing processes with Fibery Automation Rules: when a campaign is Done, move all tasks to Done, get Due date reminders in Slack, generate tasks when the campaign moves to a specific state, and more.

Organize tasks in a way that makes sense to your team

The most simple and popular way to track the progress of the product marketing tasks is to use a Kanban board. The pre-built board in this template has Open→In Progress→Done states, tho you can easily create custom states.

You can also track tasks by people to manage workload and check what each person is doing at the moment, or use the "My tasks" board for focused work.

🕊 Hint: easily share tasks with your marketing contractor or client using Fibery entities sharing.

Install the Product Marketing template

What's next?

  • 🌟 Check out our Content Marketing template: generate ideas, collaboratively write articles, balance workload, and schedule publications. It connects nicely to this Space ;)

  • Check out our Product Launch Calendar template if you need to coordinate several teams (development, support, marketing) in order to prepare for launch.

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