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Convert discussions and ideas into actionable work in Fibery.

1. Create Fibery Entities from messages

Every message can be converted to some entity. For example, Task, Feature, Bug, Document and anything else. Just click on a message actions, select Create Entity action and here we go:

Note: If a message contains an image, it will be attached to an entity 🧙🏻‍♀️.
Thus you can create bug from screenshots in Slack quickly. Very handy!

2. Create Entities using Bot command

Just type message in the Slack for new Bug creation.

/fibery create bug “this is a bug"

You can create other entities as well, like:

/fibery create task "record the video about Slack Bot" @slack-user
/fibery create feature "Notifications"
/fibery create candidate "Teddy Bear"

Note that you can assign people from Slack using @ symbol 🦸.

3. Display a list of assigned Bugs, Tasks, features

Type command to see assigned Bugs, Stories, Tasks, features, etc:

/fibery my tasks
/fibery my features
/fibery my bugs

You will see a list with bugs and open them by clicking the link:

4. Handle vacations and sick days

If you use Vacations App, you can quickly add Vacations via Fibery Slack Bot. Here are some examples:

/fibery day off today
/fibery day off tomorrow
/fibery half day off Jun 13
/fibery vacation Jun 10-20
/fibery sick today

Slack Bot tries to guess correct dates and shows a confirmation for you:

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