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Track vacations, sick leaves, and overtime

Keep your team in the loop about your vacations, and see who is absent today.

☝️ If you have already installed Vacations template, please rename or delete it before installing Vacations Pro.

Post vacations from Slack

Submit vacations and sick days on the go right from Slack:

/fibery vacation Dec 12 - Dec 29
/fibery sick today
/fibery overtime on Saturday

💪 Calculate days off available

  1. Specify how many days off each person gets (ex. 20 days a year).

  2. Track vacations and overtime in Fibery.

  3. Provide everyone with an overview of how many days they still have left (it's always less than you expect 😿).

    1. weekends excluded,

    2. public holidays accounted for,

    3. yes, even when your team is distributed around the world.

Bonus: behind the scenes

Escape scattered tools

Get a single connected workspace where all teams are welcome.