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Sync Zendesk Tickets, Groups, and Organizations to Fibery

Zendesk is a complete customer support tool. It includes the support over messaging, live chat, social, email, or voice, as well as integrated help center and community forum.

With Zendesk→Fibery integration you can bring Zendesk Tickets, as well as Users, Groups and Organizations linked to Tickets, into Fibery.

Why bring all this data into Fibery? You can then link feedback and support request to Features and Bugs to discover the most popular requests and the most pressing pain points.

💫 Hint: Aggregate all your customer feedback in Fibery to get a comprehensive picture. Sync feedback and support requests from other tools using our native integrations, Zapier, Integromat, or API.

Connect customer quotes to product insights, features, and bugs

Once you set up an integration, the data will be synced to Fibery automatically as frequently as you want.

Once you get a new Ticket, browse through it and connect important customer quotes to Ideas, Features, and Bugs. You can also create new Idea, Feature, or Bug right from the text.

🍜 Hint: Create bi-directional links to capture insights, issues, tasks, and ideas.

Prioritize and design with customers in mind

If you regularly link support requests and customer feedback to Features and Bugs, you'll be able to easily answer questions like "What is the most requested Feature?", "What should we develop next?", "What Bug is the most annoying?".

🧮 Hint: Calculate total number of Feature or Bug references using custom formulas.

📊 Hint: Visualize the data with powerful charts and reports.

Close the loop when a long-awaited feature goes live

Once you release a feature, send a personalized message to those who requested it — it's always nice to know your feedback was considered and implemented. 💖

You can also ask the requesters to review your new Feature or test it out.

Install our Zendesk integration

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